Tips for Choosing your Photo
For Best Quality use an original file or professionally printed photo
An original file is taken from the source that captured it:  your camera, your camera memory card,  the camera file you copied to your computer, the disk your photographer gave you. (If you use a photographer's photo you must have permission to print it.)  
A professionally printed photo is a photo that has been printed by a commercial lab, rather than on a home printer.
Photos taken with traditional cameras are vastly superior to photos taken with a cell phone.
The image sensors and lenses on cell phones are tiny compared to full-size, traditional cameras.   Nothing can compensate for this difference.   If you want your photo treasure to be beautiful, it is best to start with a beautiful image.
Choose Photos free of shadows or harsh lighting and with simple backgrounds,
As you choose your photo pay attention to the lighting.  Shadows and harsh lighting are especially difficult to work with on faces.
Also pay attention to the background.  A background that doesn't distract from the faces or main focus of the photo is best.
Can I use a photo that I took with my Cell Phone?
Cell phone photos are generally acceptable for items that are the size of a cell phone or smaller -- IF they are not extremely pixelated -- see Method #2 under "How can I tell if my photo is big enough".  Keep in mind however, that cell phone photos are never as good as photos taken with a traditional camera.   If a cell phone photo is all you have, we can certainly work with it. But remember, "Quality in" equates to "Quality out" and  "Trash in" equates to  "Trash out".  With some newer cell phones, that have higher resolution cameras, we have actually made some 8x12 metal prints that looked very decent.   If all you have is the cell phone photo, please check for pixelation first, and then you are welcome to upload it and let us look at it.  If the resolution is too low we will email you and ask for a larger size photo.  Cell phone photos are not big enough for items larger than 8x12.
Can I use a photo that has been texted or emailed to me?
When a photo is texted or emailed it is often downsized.  This can make the photo too small to use.   Some phones and mail servers have options for sending a photo in it's original size.  Use this option whenever possible.  Check the pixelation and actual size of the texted or emailed photo--See Method #2 under "How can I tell if my photo is big enough". If the photo is too small,  you can try asking the person who took the original photo to upload it directly it to our website using your email and name as the contact information. 
Can I use a photo from  FACEBOOK?
Facebook photos are wild cards:   some of them are tiny , pixelated things and some of them are quite large.   
If  the person who uploaded the photo, uploaded it in High Resolution,  it becomes very usable.
The best way to get a photo off of Facebook is to click on the “Options” button under the photo.  If the user hasn’t 
turned the feature off, there is a  “Download” choice there.   Click on “Download” and use that photo.  Check it for size and pixelation--see Method #1 and #2 under "How can I tell if my photo is big enough?".
How can I tell if my photo is big enough?
Method #1 Check the actual size:
Right click on the photo 
In Windows, Click on “Properties” and then on the “Details” Tab   
For a Mac  click on “Get Info
The numbers after the word “Dimensions” or "Image Size" is the size of your photo  (example: 1286x960)
Make sure the dimensions are at least the “Minimum Image Size” suggested for the product you wish to order.
This information can be found in the table below or with the product information.
Method # 2 Check for pixelation: 
OPEN the photo in Windows Photo Viewer (Windows) or Preview (Mac) 
Magnify the photo by clicking on the magnifying glass with the plus sign
If the eyes and facial features just look like a bunch of squares, it is too small to use.
If the eyes and facial features are clear and natural looking, it is probably okay for items up to 8x12 inches.  For larger items please check the actual dimensions of the photo as described in Method #1.  The dimensions should be at least 2400 pixels on one side.
What size should my image be?
Size Category If you are Ordering: The smallest number in the "Dimensions" or "Image Size" should be at least: Example:
X-Small under 2 inches DogTags, Heart Tags, Keychains & Bottle Caps, 1.5" Mini Buttons 600 pixels 600x800 pixels
Small 2-6 inches Pendants, Belt Buckles, Ornaments, Magnets, Coasters,  3.5" Buttons, Mugs, Steins & Cell Phone Cases 1000 pixels 1000x1500 pixels
Medium 6 to 12 Inches iPad Cases, Mousepads,  8x8 Metal Prints, 8x12 Metal Prints, 6 inch buttons 1600 pixels 1600x2400 pixels
Large 12 inches or greater Puzzles, T-Shirts, Cloth Calendars or Banners, Pillowcases, 12x12 Metal Prints, 12x16 Metal Prints 2000 pixels 2000x3000 pixels
What if the photo I uploaded is too small to use?
If you upload a photo that is too small for the desired product, we will email you and ask that you send a photo of the acceptable size.   The processing time will be delayed until the acceptable photo has been received